Anne Urquhart - Artist


Recent History

After graduating from the Royal College of Art in London Anne exhibited widely in London The USA and The Arab Emirates.

She also taught at various Art Colleges and Universities in the London area very much appreciating the opportunity she had to work with young artists and to be totally absorbed in her subject whilst at the same time making and exhibiting her own work. 

In 2005 she decided to focus entirely on her practice and she began to explore and travel,  using these experiences to inform her work and develop her paintings to a higher level.

Since beginning her  new life she has discovered new approaches both practically and conceptually and she has exhibited in Dubia at the XVA Gallery, in London at the Royal College of Art, and at M_Art in Athens Greece.

In a recent interview Anne commented

"I feel fortunate to be living the life of an Artist and I am continually fascinated and enthralled by the world around me."