Anne Urquhart - Artist


         Yesterday is but today's memory ; Tomorrow Today's Dream

“A man’s work is nothing but this slow trek to rediscover, through detours of art those two or three great and simple images in whose presence his heart first opened.” Albert Camus

Journeys are what determine the pattern of our lives be they actual or imagined simple or epic. Neglected architecture and spaces within the environment are permeated with traces of humanity that has journeyed through them and events that have occurred there

Experiences of travelling resonate on a personal level yet are also universal experiences to which everyone can relate. All are subject to the fallibility of memory and the vagueness of recollection as time passes.

All Anne’s paintings explore the notion of that which is half remembered half forgotten and that which can only be imagined until only the essence is left

Within each piece there is evidence or rich thick colour exploding into diffused pale washes, which in turn hit a wall of flat colour which relies solely on it’s hue to create depth and light. On another level there is evidence of considerable skill in the manipulation and modulation of paint and colour, which stirs memories of the long held traditions of painting and picture making.

Anne’s work demonstrates skill and professionalism, sensitivity and delicacy and appears effortless in it’s’ execution. Everyone can relate to the stories she tells at some level and the images will stay with you.

It is this accessibility that is perhaps the key to the success of her work. 

Dreams thoughts and Memories Weave a Single fabric” Gaston Bachelard – the Poetics of Spac

“Every artist has one central story to carry with them throughout their life and then the task, the almost impossible task, is attempting to tell that story over and over again but reinventing the form of that story throughout a lifetime.” Gregory Crewdson


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